1967-1972 Chevy / GMC C10 Truck Dash Pad with Gauges

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An exclusive Just Dashes creation for the very popular ’67-’72 GM trucks. Unlike the small original, this pad covers the entire dash to the windshield, and it’s manufactured with provisions for three auxiliary gauges of your choice. This dash pad utilizes your factory defroster vents and is available with or without speaker holes.

Just Dashes is the exclusive manufacturer of this dash pad and engineered to perfectly fit the dash, the three pods are angled toward the driver so you only need to glance right to read the gauges. The pad is constructed from durable polyurethane foam over a steel insert and is covered in state-of-the-art vinyl using Just Dashes’ precise Thermo Vacuum Forming process.

This custom pad is easy to install, using the original factory mounting points, and will accept any brand 2 1/16-inch OD gauge.

Note: Gauges not included, we like Speedhut Gauges for the all the cool options you’ll have for new gauges

Color: Black or Custom Color
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Just Dashes is the interior parts restoration company of choice when only the best will do.

Color: Black (Can be dyed, see instructions below)

Compatibility: 67-72 Blazer, 67-72 Suburban, 67-72 C10, 67-72 GMC/Chevy Pickups & Trucks
1967 Chevrolet Blazer
1968 Chevrolet Blazer
1969 Chevrolet Blazer
1970 Chevrolet Blazer
1971 Chevrolet Blazer
1972 Chevrolet Blazer
1967 Chevrolet Suburban
1968 Chevrolet Suburban
1969 Chevrolet Suburban
1970 Chevrolet Suburban
1971 Chevrolet Suburban
1972 Chevrolet Suburban
1967 Chevrolet C10
1968 Chevrolet C10
1969 Chevrolet C10
1970 Chevrolet C10
1971 Chevrolet C10
1972 Chevrolet C10
1967 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks
1968 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks
1969 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks
1970 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks
1971 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks
1972 GMC/Chevrolet Pickups & Trucks

Material: Proprietary Dash vinyl skin with UV inhibitors and a flexible closed cell high density urethane foam core
Surface Grain: Madrid

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 59” X 12” X 3.5”

Vinyl dying instructions:
The vinyl dash is covered in a silicone based mold release from manufacturing. You’ll want to clean the vinyl with a material that will remove the mold release but dries quickly as to not ruin the ABS final. We recommend using Naptha for cleaning. To tell if the dash pad is clean, use a piece of masking tape and stick it on the surface of the dash. If it sticks, that area of the dash is clean. If it does not stick you will need to clean the dash surface more. To dye you will want to use a vinyl die and make sure that you get a clean even spray so as to not have any bleed through. if prepared and died correctly you will not see any of the underlying color even if it’s black and you are dying white.


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