Molded Door Panels

We meticulously repair and restore Molded Door Panels back to the original factory grain and color. Call us to revitalize your car today!

After years of use, interior vinyl panels fade, crack and deteriorate from normal use and exposure to UV rays.

We at Just Dashes work on a granular level to ensure the restoration is back to the original specs. Our craftsmen repair the damaged areas and will create a new backboard to remount the original factory vinyl.

Depending on the variation of your specific year, make and model, we also reskin and recolor your faded lower hard plastic panels.

New carpet can be installed at the time of restoration. And, if you send us your stainless steel trim with the panels, we will polish them back to perfection.

Molded Door Panels 5

Revitalize Your Car Today!

Just Dashes is the interior parts restoration company of choice when only the best will do.