Restoration vs. Reproduction: Navigating Your Restoration with Just Dashes


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In the intricate process of classic car restoration, enthusiasts face myriad decisions, from selecting quality products to managing budgets. At Just Dashes, we specialize in guiding our clients toward choices that best suit their vehicles. A recurring topic is the choice between using reproduction parts or opting to restore original components. Contrary to common belief, the decision transcends mere cost considerations, extending into the realms of quality and fitment.

Over our four decades of expertise, we’ve learned that not all reproduction parts are created equal. Take dash pads, for instance, commonly fabricated entirely from urethane with a slender tooling strip. This approach compromises stability, leading to “shelf shrinkage”—a phenomenon where unsupported materials contract over time. Conversely, restoring the original part often means working with its inherent tooling, ensuring an excellent fit. Original parts typically incorporate metal or plastic substructures, providing a solid foundation that no reproduction can match.

Yet, reproductions can be the smarter choice in specific scenarios, such as with hard plastic instrument bezels, vents, and other minor components. At Just Dashes, we meticulously source top-tier reproductions, integrating them into comprehensive dash assemblies. This strategy enhances mounting points and avoids the warpage often found in aged plastics. For example, on this ‘69 Dodge Charger, we restored all the original parts except of the hard plastic instrument bezel and dash trim pieces…

Our commitment at Just Dashes is to offer only the highest quality products. We steer clear of reproductions that could diminish the quality or installation process of dash pads. Many car builders have shared their struggles with ill-fitting reproduction parts, advocating for the superior results of restoration. While more costly and time-intensive, restoration ensures a seamless fit—eliminating the frustration of protracted adjustments.

Just Dashes stands by the principle of working with original parts to guarantee a excellent fit every time a vehicle is reassembled. Our promise is a testament to our dedication to excellence and the authenticity of your classic car restoration journey.

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