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‘Mo Gauges
Add gauges to your muscle car or street machine Here’s the finished product with three gauges installed. Like any gauge install, you have to feed your wiring and sensors to...
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Vinyl headrest restoration is now available for all cars. During the Sixties, when greasy, slicked back hair was in style, headrests were lubricated on a regular basis. Everything from Vaseline,...
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Check out our article in MAXIPAD magazine.
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Classic 1962 Catalina Dash Pad
Just Dashes can also do small pads and other vinyl parts. Jim Mattison, of the Pontiac Historical Society, is restoring a 1962 Pontiac Catalina and contacted Just Dashes to have...
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Power Panels
Convert your E-body door panels from crank to power windows at Just Dashes. If you’re considering converting from crank up to power windows for your Challenger or ‘Cuda, or vice...
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’61 Chrysler Newport Dash
Remove, Restore And Replace the Dash Pad Forty-six years ago automotive excess was in demand. All steel, finned behemoths draped in exotic colors and carrying a literal ton of chromium...
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Just Dashes Rescues “The Fat Cat”: 1970 Dodge Challenger Restoration
By Jason Tessler Sometimes it's just easier having someone else do it. This 1970 Dodge Challenger (aka "The Fat Cat") dashboard assembly was sent in all beat up and need of...
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Hand Crafted Dashboard Restoration
Dashboard design evolved over the years from straight, almost vertical panels in the ’20s to beautifully molded metal sculptures in the ’50s. It’s a part of the interior that the...
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