Jay Leno Swings By Just Dashes for a Deep Dive into Dashboard Magic


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Hey there, car lovers! Guess who dropped by our shop recently? None other than the legendary car enthusiast himself, Jay Leno! He took a tour of Just Dashes to get the lowdown on how we bring those vintage dashboards back from the brink. Let’s give you the inside scoop on his visit and what makes our dash restoration process a cut above the rest.

Behind the Scenes with Jay

Jay, with his well-known passion for all things automotive, was all in, checking out how we take tired, old dashboards and make them look showroom new. He got his hands a bit dirty (all in good fun!) and learned about the nuts and bolts of what we do here at Just Dashes. It’s not just about slapping on a new coat of paint; it’s an art form, restoring these beauties to their former glory.

Why We’re Different

What really caught Jay’s eye was our obsession with details. We don’t just restore; we reimagine, using top-notch materials and killer techniques to ensure each dashboard isn’t just like new—it’s better. Jay was impressed, and let’s be honest, when you impress a guy who’s seen it all, you know you’re doing something right.

A Little Learning, A Lot of Fun

Jay’s visit wasn’t just about geeking out over cars (though there was plenty of that). It was about showing off the passion and precision that goes into every dashboard restoration. He got why we do what we do, and how every dash we save is a piece of history back on the road.

Your Turn!

Inspired by Jay’s visit? Want to see what Just Dashes magic can do for your classic car’s dashboard? Drop us a line or swing by our site. Whether you’re a full-on collector or just starting to dip your toes into the car restoration world, we’re here to make your dashboard dreams a reality.

Check Us Out

Don’t just take our word (or Jay’s) for it. See the magic for yourself at justdashes.com. Whether you’re ready to restore or just looking to chat about cars, we’re your go-to for all things dashboard restoration. Let’s make some dashboard magic happen!

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