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1968 Porsche 912 Dash Pad Restoration

1967-1968 Porsche 912 2-piece Dash Pad Restoration

With a hole in the speaker cover and the padded dash torn in two pieces, Just Dashes was able to revive this Porsche 912 dash using a combination of thermo-vacuum forming and traditional upholstery work. The front pad on this 912 is constructed similarly to most dash pads out there, with a sub structure (aka core), a layer of foam, and sitting on top a vacuum formed layer of dash vinyl. The 2nd piece is the long speaker cover which is reconstructed with a new board to provide support for the thinner foam and buying phentermine online. The trick for Just Dashes in restoring this piece is have the precise tooling to bring back the speaker area back to factory specifications, which sets this dash restoration above and beyond your daily driver.

Each speaker hole is drilled with precision tooling.