1972 Alfa Zagato 1600 Dash Pad And Windshield Filler Piece Restoration

For one of the rarest cars out there, a good dash is virtually impossible to find. Just Dashes can restore your original Zagato dash pad and create a brand new “windshield filler” piece. This windshield filler is original made entirely from hard plastic and breaks apart over time, so Just Dashes uses your original plastic part to create tooling that will be fit to your personal dash to recreate a vinyl wrapped filler. Better yet, it matches the dash when it’s all done. A real personal touch for a very rare car.

“Just 402 of the 1600 Junior Z’s were built before the line was shut down in 1974; the earlier 1300-powered models are far more numerous, at 1,108 built.” –Hemmings

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