1969 Pontiac GTO Dash


Whether your dash is cracked, torn, rusty or just plain “beat up,” here at Just Dashes we can bring it back to the correct factory original specifications through a process called Thermo Vacuum Forming. Our restoration process requires you to ship us your dash. Once here, we strip off the old vinyl and foam as needed. Then, using new and improved polyethylene foam we are able to hand build it back to its original contours and dimensions. The pad is then Vacuum Formed with the correct grain vinyl, using a higher quality then the original. Forget covers, caps or even NOS dash pads, which will eventually crack. Select only the best, an award winning Just Dashes restoration of your original dash pad, matching the original grain vinyl and color.



In the early 1950’s – mid 1960’s, dash pads (aka “crash pads”) were sometimes a trim option. Over the years these pads crack, tear and oftentimes disintegrate. At Just Dashes, we have OEM tooling for most of these years, makes and models. Using state of the art technology, we are able to re-create a replacement dash pad that takes the place of your worn out original. This is different than a restoration of your original, in that we make one from scratch for you. These pads are constructed from durable polyurethane foam and are covered in state-of-the-art vinyl using our precise Thermo Vacuum Forming process, matching the original grain vinyl and color. These custom pads are easy to install, using your original factory mounting trim.


1964 Ford Galaxie Dash

1968 Pontiac Bonneville


Molded door panels, much like a padded dash, feature foam and vinyl that is Vacuum Formed onto a door panel board, or molded plastic template. After years of use, these vinyl panels fade, crack and deteriorate from normal use and exposure to UV rays. We at Just Dashes can meticulously repair these panels and restore them to the original factory grain and color. Our craftsmen repair the damaged areas and will create a new backboard to remount the original factory vinyl. Depending on the variation of your specific year, make and model, we will also reskin and recolor your faded lower hard plastic panels. New carpet can be installed at the time of restoration. In fact, if you send your stainless steel trim with the panels, we will polish them to perfection as well.



We specialize in American Muscle Car and Hot Rod gauges, but offer services for European, Import and Domestic cars as well. At Just Dashes, we can restore or replace your original instruments and instrument bezels, regardless of year, make or model. Your gauge cluster is disassembled, cleaned, repaired and new faces are silkscreened, matching the original font, as well as new indicator pointers. At Just Dashes, we can provide quartz clock conversions, tach/speedo repair, plastic bezel repair and more. Plastic chrome plating and original cluster detailing is available when required. After your gauges undergo a complete restoration, your plastic bezel is polished and everything is reassembled, making your installation process stress-free.


1965 Cadillac with Custom Tach

1965 Chevy Impala


Have your interior chrome pieces lost their luster and shine? Maybe they are broken/brittle, and have began oxidizing. Here at Just Dashes, your parts are repaired from cracks, scratches, chips, missing pieces, broken mounting bosses, and even burn marks. After the repair process, your parts will undergo vacuum metalizing (plastic chrome) process, making your pieces shine just like they did originally. So whether you have an instrument bezel that is in need of a face lift, or some armrest bases that are broken and faded, or lastly an air vent that could double as a mirror. We can re-chrome and detail them, polish your lens and assemble for you, so that you can have it ready for a simple installation.



Original plastic interior parts from several decades ago are usually dry, brittle and oxidized. Most manufacturers never expected their vehicles to last this long, and the condition of the plastic proves that. Here at Just Dashes, we can restore almost any plastic part from your interior regardless of year, make or model car or truck. Even cracked, chipped or warped parts can usually be repaired and re-dyed the correct interior color or a custom color from your supplied swatch.

Oxidized kick panels and door panels, plastic dashboards, A-pillar trim, seat skirts, seat backs, arm rest bases and more, can all be restored by our skilled craftsmen. If you want the plastic parts from your interior brought back to concours condition, contact us today.


1970 AMC Rebel Machine