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Print Out The Order

Once you submit the form, print out the order confirmation and include it in your packaging. (If you run to into any problems with our order form, or don’t have a printer, you can include a written note with all the same information)



Ship parts to: Just Dashes,
5941 Lemona Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91411.

Group 134

After Just Dashes Has Received Your Part(s)

  • 1 Our sales department will contact you after your package has been received and processed to confirm your order. During your confirmation call we’ll discuss specifics regarding your job and discuss a form of payment.
  • 2 Now your part will sit in our protected storage area until they are ready for production. Please call Just Dashes for our most current lead times and plan your restoration accordingly.
  • 3 Once they are ready for production we’ll accept payment in full, and depending on the complexity of a job, production can range anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Maybe even a bit longer if the job is really complex or has many parts.
  • 4 After production is complete, we ship by securely packaging you part with lots of protective foam and bubble wrap, a double walled industrial corrugated box, and for some larger packages, a cardboard crate designed by Just Dashes to ensure extra protection.
  • 5 Enjoy your newly restored dash, door panels, headrests, gauges…and win 1st prize at the car show.

For price quotes please call or contact us through our website. Orders by phone will be accepted ruing normal business hour of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard time, Monday thru Friday. Our WILL CALL counter will also accept orders during the same business hours.

All prices are quoted in black. There will be a $100 minimum color matching charge, and additional color matching charges may apply for pearl or metallic colors. We are able to custom match to any color desired. Please include a vinyl color sample with your order if it is not already on the part that is to be restored.

Once your order is inspected and confirmed, we will contact you for payment information.

All accounts are credit card or pre-pay only. Company and personal checks are accepted as pre-payment providing there is enough time to clear them before the order is shipped. All orders outside the U.S. must be prepaid in U.S. funds including the shipping costs, using a credit card, postal money order or cashiers check. Method of payment must be arranged upon confirmation of your order and full paid before your can go into our restoration schedule.

Any orders received and processed with an estimate or invoice generated by Just Dashes, are subject to a cancellation fee of 5% of the restoration costs, in addition to paying shipping & handling to return the parts.