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Custom 1964-'67 GTO/LeMans Dash Pad With Gauge Pods Exclusively From Just Dashes
Custom 1964-'67 GTO/LeMans Dash Pad With Gauge Pods Exclusively From Just Dashes
Van Nuys, CA: This 1964-'67 GTO/LeMans custom dash pad, with custom pods for accessory gauges, is the latest innovation from Just Dashes. The three (or more) pods will accept any 2 1/16-inch gauges of your choice to monitor your engine's vital signs. This upgrade is particularly important if your car is equipped with the standard basic dash light warnings.

Just Dashes will take your original pad, or core you supply, and strip off all the old vinyl and foam. The three pods are then installed and hand finished on the pad core before the new correct grain vinyl is applied. It can be dyed to match your original interior color, or to a custom color from a supplied color sample. If your car has the factory gauge option, additional gauges such as oil or transmission temperature, clock, boost pressure, etc. can be added.

Just Dashes has pioneered this pad upgrade, and can add gauge pods to almost any make or model dash pad. Plastic chrome plating, quartz clock upgrades, complete factory gauge restorations, metal chrome plating, wood graining, etc. are always available.

Contact a service representative at JUST DASHES for an over the phone quote for your project at 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411, 800-247-3274, Fax: 818-780-9014.

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Custom 1964-'67 GTO/LeMans Dash Pad With Gauge Pods Exclusively From Just Dashes
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