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1967-'72 GM Truck Dash With Gauges

GM Truck Dash with Gauges JUST DASHES has just finished their latest creation for the very popular '67-'72 GM trucks. Unlike the small original, this pad covers the entire dash to the windshield, and it's manufactured with provisions for three auxiliary gauges of your choice. This all new JUST DASHES dash pad utilizes your factory defroster vents and is available with or without speaker holes.

1970-'74 Chrysler E-Body Speaker Grilles

Chrysler E-Body Speaker Grilles You've spent barrels full of cash restoring your 1970-'74 MOPAR E-body interior, but it's still not completely done. That glued, painted, warped and otherwise deteriorated plastic dash speaker grille looks terrible. JUST DASHES now has the long awaited fix, these brand new recreated speaker grilles in your original factory color. MORE>>

1961 Chrysler Newport Dash Remove & Replace

1961 Chrysler Newport Dash Removal and Replacement For those of you with vehicles of this vintage who would like to attack the removal procedure, we documented most of the high points that might give you trouble. No special tools are required, just a few hours and a trunk full of patience.

1968-'70 Chrysler B-Body Dash With Gauges

1968-70 B-body dash with gauges Our friends at "Mopar Action" magazine installed a Just Dashes three gauge dash pad AND proved that you too can do it as well!
Note: Article used with permission from Mopar Action Magazine and Richard Ehrenberg

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