What Our Customers Say "At Kustom Kars of California we build exquisite world famous customs, and Just Dashes always gives me the quality I need for that winning finishing touch. I've used their services on all my Kustom Kar interior projects, the latest being the dash for my 1959 ELVIS II Cadillac El Dorado".
John DAgostino—Kustom Kars of California

"All our musclecar restorations need to be perfect in every detail. Just Dashes always can be counted on to return a dash pad that meets our demanding standards. There are never any surprises when you open the box!"
Scott Tieman — Supercar Specialties, Portland, MI.

"I've been doing business with Just Dashes for all the years I've been in the restoration business, and their quality and service has always been excellent!"
Michael Rizzuto — Mastermind Creations, Lake Elsinore, CA.

"Just Dashes has provided me with fantastic quality, quick turn around and efficient no muss, no fuss service."
Bob Rowe — Hibernia Auto Restorations, Hibernia, NJ.

I purchased your FADE AWAY vinyl re-coloring kit for a mere $150 and the included vinyl cleaner removed every bit of the 44-year old dirt and, yes, nicotine as well. I then test sprayed color on one piece of trim… WOW!!!! I was amazed, the color matched absolutely perfectly to my new seats!!!
Kevin C.
Richmond, VA
‘58 Thunderbird

I just received my restored dash today and wanted to say GREAT JOB! Super… It looks just like it did when it was new. Thanks so much!
Waylon H.
Grandview, MO

A few years ago I had you restore my truck’s dash pad…it has been one of the best improvements I have ever made. My dash is still fresh and fantastic looking. Thanks!
Don F.
Albany, CA
’79 Toyota P/U

Thank you for doing a superior job. The color on my seatbacks and armrests is perfect and they turned out wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything better!
Doc M.
Garden City, KS
’71 Ply GT 440

I got my restored dash back the other day…it looks GREAT!!! Thanks!
Dan C.
’72 340 Duster

I was totally awestruck when I pulled out my dashboard from your well-packed cardboard box. The dashboard looked exactly like the day I bought the car on June 9, 1984. I wish you could have seen the smile on my face! I want to personally thank the person or persons that restored my dashboard. Your people are simply the best in the country at what you do. I already have friends that want to have their dashboards restored. You can rest assured that they will be getting your address, telephone number, and website address from me. Thank you so much for a job well done!
Kevin M.
’84 Mustang

My restored Porsche dash looks great, even the Porsche dealership is impressed. The finish is amazing! Thanks again.
Neil F.
’86 Porsche 928
"I've used Just Dashes dash pads and other interior parts in many of my restoration projects, and always have been completely happy with the concours quality, fast service and perfect fit!"
Jim McGowan — Former editor Muscle Car Classics, Car Craft

"I have used Just Dashes dash pads and other restored interior pieces on many of my concours restorations and have always been very satisfied with the quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship of their products."
John Balow — Musclecar Restorations, Chippawa Falls, WI.

"We've used Just Dashes products for years and have always been satisfied with their service and quality."
W.R. Thompson — White Post Restorations, White Post , VA.

Just Dashes quality was well worth the wait! I’m very appreciative that there was someone who cares so much to reproduce a beautiful dash pad with perfect color to boot!
Chris’ Recovery Shop
’72 Ply. Satellite

I have just received my dashboard…I would like to compliment you on doing such an excellent job. It was truly a hassle free installation on our part, and I have been in the motorsport business for twenty-two years. I know how much effort we put into making our customers happy when buying and receiving Pit Pal products. It was nice to finally receive a product from this industry with the same high standards set in place…I will be sure to spread the word on your quality.
Jody S. of Pit Pal Products
Zion, IL

I recently received my upper dash pad restored by Just Dashes. Before receiving this piece, I thought my lower pads were in superb condition, however I was mistaken! Your work brought out the 40 years of age in my lower dash pads, in comparison, making them look sad.
Robert L. of Precision Images, Inc.
N. Attleboro, MA

The dash pad you recently restored really looks great. What a splendid and beautiful job your guys did. My dash must be one of the most difficult to restore and you did it so well. I’d highly recommend you to anyone!
Vince F.
’59 Cadillac El Dorado
San Diego, CA

I recently shipped a dash to you for restoration and wish to thank you for a job well done. The color match is remarkable and the workmanship superb. Now my convertible is ready for another Ohio summer!
Kathleen L.
’72 Mercury Cougar
Findlay, OH

I want to compliment you on a truly outstanding restoration job on my dash pad. It is exceptional, as is the coloring of the armrests to match the interior. Thank you for a highly professional restoration.
Ron L.
’67 Ply. Cuda
Raleigh, NC

Just Dashes recently completed the restoration of my car’s interior. The work was flawless! The parts looked like brand new. I have shown the pieces to many people and they are all impressed. Better than NOS! I will recommend Just Dashes to everyone I know… Thank you for supplying a much needed QUALITY RESTORATION FACILITY!
Al H.
’74 Cadillac El Dorado
Denver, CO

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